SodaStream Review and GIVEAWAY Ends 4/11

I have never been more excited to receive a review item than I was when I opened the door and found the UPS delivery guy had left a huge box with a SodaStream starter kit. I have been wanting one of these ever since I first saw them advertise! I almost bought my husband one for Christmas because he always says that he wants soda from a fountain like he gets at restaurants. I think he might have been more excited than me!

We immediately opened up the package and popped the CO2 cylinder in to place. It was quick and easy. Then I filled the plastic bottle with water, screwed it onto the SodaStream and pressed the button. The water is then carbonated, and I then pour my flavor into the bottle and mix up. Within 30 seconds, I had soda!

I received several flavors to try-cola, diet cola, orange,  ginger ale, root beer, and several others. My favorites so far are the cola and orange flavors. Tastes JUST like the top brand at the store. I love the convenience of being able to make soda whenever I want. My daughters are always begging me to make them some. They absolutely love the idea of making their own soda!

Some of my favorite things:

  • It’s so small and takes up almost no counter space.
  • Requires no electricity or batteries.
  • No more bottles of 2 liters to store…just make it as you want it!
  • Less waste! No more bottles to throw away
  • So many flavors to choose from
  • Quick and easy
  • Tastes delicious!

If you don’t have one of these, then it’s a must if you are a soda drinker! For around $100, you can get your very own starter kit. Perfect gift for Father’s Day! To purchase, you can get one today at

Do you want to win one?! SodaStream is giving away ONE starter kit! Here’s how to enter:




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